Summer 2012: Read More

School’s out for the summer and I’m trying hard to plan ahead for plenty of things to do so that I don’t find myself sitting in front of the TV being lazy for weeks at a time.  I’ve got 8-weeks of summer.  I’m not sure how many books I can actually read and my list keeps getting longer, but I’m going to do my best!

Open books: The summer reading list

Photo credit to opensourceway


Faith & Family

For the Teacher in Me

So – I realize that is quite the list, but I’m excited to read as many as I can!  Now it’s your turn: what are you reading this summer?


One response to “Summer 2012: Read More

  1. I have read “One Thousand Gifts” and really enjoyed it and really love the anything by the Love and Logic authors. I have quite a few of his books and the video are riddles with humor. Good luck with your reading list…hope to see you this summer. Love you guys-Duluth mom

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