Project Home Sanctuary

I don’t know if I believe in resolutions or not.  I believe in new beginnings, fresh starts, an opportunity to try something new.  I know, for me, resolutions are made to be broken – like a bad habit.  Project Home Sanctuary is about creating a healthy new habit: making my home a sanctuary.  For too long I’ve lived with too much clutter, hanging onto things and “save-it-for-laters”‘ that are grieving my freedom to live, love, create.  I’m creating a home sanctuary not for outer image or to learn my new crafty decorating skills (thought that’s a bonus since I do enjoy it) but rather to feel peace, joy and hope in my earthly dwelling place.

“Build for me a sanctuary and I will dwell among you.” (Exodus 25:8-9)

Also, if I build it, He will come.  And what I want more than anything on this Earth is for my physical life and being to be a dwelling place for Him and His full love.


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