A Birthday Wish: Another dream checked off of my list

This week I celebrated my 27th birthday.  My golden birthday I think is what they call it – 27 on the 27th.  The only thing I asked for this year was NO GIFTS!  I wanted to go and DO something on my birthday.  I’m all for giving a great and thoughtful gift but for me memories are made when I do things and share life together with others.  I think Travis’ original plan was to do something involving the cold, the snow, and my favorite winter sport: skiing.  However, we didn’t travel back to CO this year and therefore have NO SNOW!  :(  Plan B was to help me check off one of the few remaining things on my “To-Do While Living Near NYC” List: Go out to a fancy dinner and to a Broadway show!

We had 7pm tickets to see Sister Act at the Broadway Theater on 53rd and 7th Ave to plan the rest of our evening around.

Getting Dressed Up!

We're ready to go!

It was so fun to get all dressed up and ready to go.  Thanks to all of the boldly colored walls in my apartment, we had a great backdrop for a quick photo before we left.  Of course I couldn’t help but get in on the planning and my anxious self decided we needed to leave early due to the impending rain storm that was coming!


I’d decided early on that I wanted to have a great Italian meal for dinner so to my urbanspoon app I went in search of a place near our theater.  After nearly four years of living here I was honestly completely unaware of the theater district and restaurant row (W 46th St. between 8th & 9th Aves).  I really thought all those bright lights and signs were just that.  I had no idea that those were all actually theaters!  And – there are SO many restaurants tucked into every street!  The original restaurant was a bit too far to walk for a rainy day so we settled on a 5:15pm reservation at Lattanzi.

First stop on our walk: Starbucks of course!  I’m still pretty caffeine free so this is a decaf skim hazelnut latte.  I’m clearly still working on cutting out all of the sugar in my diet.  But – it was my birthday so I indulged!

:Starbuck Stop!

About 4ish we started walking toward 46th St. via 8th Ave through the rain and the wind.  Knowing that we had some time to kill I was eyeing the happy hour signs as we walked and found a great happy hour – half price drinks and some cheap food.  Pigalle had a great atmosphere, friendly bartender, good AND cheap drinks.  If I’m ever looking to meet friends in midtown for a happy hour again I’ll definitely go back!

Happy Hour!

From there we headed to dinner.  We both agree that, yes, the show was great, but the food and restaurant environment was the clear winner of the evening.  The caprese appetizer: AMAZING!


I forgot to take pictures of my food/drink because I was enjoying it so much!  Here’s a link to the menu!  Suffice it to say, we loved the food.  The portions were perfectly sized and it all tasted awesome!

I did remember to take pictures at dessert: the best tiramisu and a cappucino!  Sorry it’s so dark.  It was a nice dimly lit restaurant – and I hate using flash.


After dinner it was off to the theater!

Sister Act at The Broadway Theater

My First Show!

Our View of the Stage

My First Tickets & Playbill!

My Illegal Pic of the Final Number

After the show we spent some time walking around midtown admiring all of the other show lights and sounds of the city since the rain had stopped.  It was an awesome birthday – one I’ll never forget!  Here’s to another awesome year!

The show is over!


One response to “A Birthday Wish: Another dream checked off of my list

  1. I love the city and it sound like u guys had a awsome time for your birthday, it sounds like a good idea I may steal for my wife next b-day. Enjoyed the post

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