August Adventure Days 3 – 5: Duluth and Sandstone, MN

Wednesday AM: Obligatory stop to the Sunshine Cafe. We had a great time and as usual the lady remembered us, where we lived and what we wanted to order! After breakfast we headed to the encounter for the annual pool/push ups extravaganza. After hanging out with John, Hank, and Amy for a bit we had a bit of time to kill before having lunch.

Wednesday afternoon we stopped at the Brewhouse for a beer and then went to lunch at Va Bene with Grant and Danielle! Fun! After lunch it was off to a much needed pedicure and eyebrow wax! Finally!

Post waxing we headed to Papa Murphy’s, ordered some pizza’s and headed to the Blake’s to meet little Alden! Yay! After some pizza, root beer, and s’more pizza we said goodbye and headed to Inline Station with Tony for a couple of games of bowling. It was fin, and good to hang out with Tony but I am definitely OUT of bowling shape!

Brewhouse Beers Beget Bosom Buddies

Thursday morning was a nice slow morning. The only plans we had were at 1:30 to have lunch with my dad. So we watched a movie, drank a pot of coffee and had bacon and egg sandwiches for breakfast. Tony suggested we go to the new hibachi and sushi restaurant in Duluth for lunch. We did and it was fantastic. The five of us had a great lunch. I’m bummed that all of the good food options didn’t come to town until after I left.

After lunch we headed to Sandstone to visit the campground/farm. We headed to the campground first and went straight to the pool with Sarah, Brian and the kids. We went on a quick tour of the farmhouse and land, enjoyed a beer out on the patio and then headed back to the campground for dinner and a campfire. We had hotdogs, beans chips and roasted GIANT marshmallows to make s’mores. Everyone headed out for the night and we “camped” for the night in the trailer.

Next day we woke up LATE and feeling like we’d slept the day away. We put ourselves together we headed to the farm for the morning. Around lunchtime we brought everyone back to the campground and grilled steaks for lunch! Kids went swimming and then we headed back to the farm for the night. We rode the four wheeler and hung out with the kids until after dinner when it was back to the campground for us for an early night to bed!


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