August Adventure Day 2: Sudbury, ON to Duluth, MN via Sault Saint Marie , MI

If waking up in the field had been this much fun in the Marines, I never would have EASed. I LOVE camping. I love it with Rebbeca so much that I’ll even do it sissy style with a tent and duffle bags in the car. In fact this method even has it’s advantages, such as having coolers full of food to cook on the fire and little girls in golf carts delivering firewood that’s so dry that it starts up just by holding a zippo under a log.

Canteen Cup!

We enjoyed camping until about 9:30 when we got back on the road. While technically we ended up driving much further yesterday, today seemed interminable. I couldn’t help but marvel at the customs process in Sault Ste Marie (that’s “soo saint”). Homeland Security is eating up our government. We wasted an hour sitting on a bridge waiting for a 5 min conversation with customs in a mult-billion dollar drive thru facility erected just so our govt can save political face because they wanted to step up their game on the Mexican border…

Crossing the dotted line!

Aside from that, we finished Bossypants which was quite entertaining. The audio version contains a particularly thorough performance from Tina and I am pleased with the purchase. Thanks you TFA Corps Members for getting the iTunes gift card that made it possible…but I do not thank you for the “The Voice” tracks that also got played as a result. Fortunately, Rebbeca is extremely more tolerable of various musical preferences than I am and I was allowed to enjoy real music most of the non-Bossypants hours.

Best the WORLD!

No surprise to find Duluth roadways still under construction. I like to think that it was finished in the years since we left but has now just so happened to start up again. But we all know better than that. Looking forward to a Sunshine Omelet at the Sunshine Cafe in the morning!

…PS I got a text from someone who knows full well I have left on vacation. He wanted to make plans to work out Thursday morning. I couldn’t bring myself to tell him I’d be there…I’ve gone so soft…


2 responses to “August Adventure Day 2: Sudbury, ON to Duluth, MN via Sault Saint Marie , MI

  1. I’m afraid! Just read your first few days-with pics-and you spent the next two days with us and I know what we looked liked!! I don’t recall you taking pics but I emplore you to be kind…we so enjoyed you guys for our short time and really wish it was longer (note to self: always wear makeup when the writer/photographer is around) P.S. to get on the inheritance list you just have to sign on as the caregiver for any remaining minors!! Oh, and build a city skyline for the wife.

  2. Sunshine Cafe is a great call!!

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