August Adventure Day 1: North Brunswick, NJ to Sudbury, ON via Niagara Falls

The morning started bright and early – 5:45am. A little later than planned but it was great to get some rest. I got right back to my usual routine by listening to the water run while Travis took a shower. I was so pleasantly surprised when I rolled out of bed that Travis had finished unpacking all of my institute stuff, had organized and packed the camping/road trip stuff and had loaded up the car before he came to bed last night. It was a much less stressful evening and morning for me. We got ready, packed the remaining odds and ends, made our usual Starbucks stop and we on our way by 7am.

All packed up with somewhere to go!

First stop-noon. A service center on the side of some New York freeway. We filled up with gas, took a bathroom break and spent the better part of 30minutes figuring out how to boil water for our cup-a-noodles. Back on the road, we enjoyed our breakfast/snack while listening to our recently acquired audiobook Bossypants. As expected, it’s hilarious and prompts frequent bouts of laughing out loud. I took a brief nap and then a 1pm PSI conference call.

By 2:30 we were at our first official stop – Niagara Falls (the Canadian side). The skies looked ominous so we decided to head to Margaritaville for lunch first. A beergarita (yum!), a coke, and one massive plate of volcano nachos did it for us! The food was great, the waitress was nice, and just as we sat down the rains came. After making a small dent in the nachos, we were stuffed and the rain had stopped so we walked down to the falls for some photo ops. The falls were gorgeous and huge and we were getting wet from the mist just standing there looking at them!

The best pic we got of part of the falls.

We decided to drive as far as Sudbury (approximated 4.5 hours past Niagara) so we quickly googled a campsite and by 4:30 we were on our way. The rest of the drive was pretty standard-another hour or some of Bossypants, napping while listening to music, think as the beautiful Canadian scenery filled our view. There was one more stop for gas and a brief bathroom break and by 9:15pm we were at our campsite. Go Carol for staying open a few extra minutes and saving that last available campsite for us!

We’re currently kicked back in our camp chairs, getting eaten alive by mosquitos, enjoying the campfire and a s’more. We’ll head to bed shortly and then it’s off to Duluth in the morning!


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