Adventures in Food

I still have yet to post the saga that was my summer and early fall.  I promise  it is something I want to write down, if only just so that I never forget how thankful I am to have received such blessing and provision from God.  I certainly would never be where I am, and our family would not be where we are today, without his ever steady hand in our lives throughout everything.  Truthfully, I’m still digesting and processing a lot of the changes that have happened and I’m not quite ready to let it all out.  In the meantime, there are many things that my heart has been wrestling with.  One of the major themes I’ve had on my heart lately is health.  Not just physical health but emotional/mental health, spiritual health, financial health.  As such, I’ve come up with this crazy idea/challenge for our household.  Here are the questions:

Can we walk though one year of our lives without eating out at a restaurant?*

Over the course of this year can we savethe money that we would have spent on food/drink and seek to use it for God’s purposes in our lives?

ok…I’m sure there are many of you thinking, “That’s crazy!” or “Why now?” or “How’s this going to work?”  I’ll try to address 4 major points about this challenge.

1.We believe that God is challenging us in the area of our physical heath.  Over the past year we have had seasons where we take great care of ourselves with regard to the food that we put in our bodies and other seasons where we get overwhelmed with the craziness of life and do not treat our bodies as the living sacrifices that they are.  We realize that this will be difficult.  We also believe in a God who will never leave us or forsake us.  Nothing in life that is worth doing comes without some work and sacrifice.  Because we believe that this conviction is from God, we also believe that He will walk through all of it with us.  We also know the great physical strength we feel in our bodies when we take the time to feed our bodies well.

2. We also believe that God is challenging us in the area of our finances.  I remember one day balancing our checkbook using our online account and being sickened by the amount of money that I could add up in my head of what had be wasted eating food/snacks at restaurants.  It was completely unacceptable.  We weren’t living on credit or beyond our means, but I sat there realizing that if we didn’t get this under control we’d never have the ability to save for anything that we ever needed: a house, a car, a missionary, a crisis.  There just wasn’t anything extra.

3. What we’ll try to do is post a couple of times a week the things that we’ve been eating at home.  This will hold us accountable and this will give all of you household cooks some ideas when you’ve run out.  Let’s try to set up a couple of days: how about on Sunday’s I post my menu for the week and on Thursdays I’ll check in and write a post about how we’ve been following it.

4. There will obviously be exceptions to this at times.  I do not expect to travel home to see our parents and have them not offer to take us out to dinner.  If we travel to a new east coast city I am sure that we’ll seek out recommendations for the best most affordable restaurant to visit that is a representation of that place.  What we will no longer do is just stop at a restaurant on our way home just because we are too tired lazy to make something at home.  What we will no longer do is tell ourselves that to hang out with friends means that we have to go out and spend money at a restaurant.  Why can’t we have fellowship in our own home?  Can’t we prepare a less expensive, and often better tasting, meal in our own home for our friends to come and enjoy?  This is our desire.

So…here goes.  I guess I’ll be back later tonight to post our menu for the week.  :)


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