Digital Nomad

Right now, I’m riding the PATH 33rd St train under the Hudson River. This post is being drafted, and published when we surface, completely on my Palm Pre and Poster app.

Digital Nomad

Today I’m heading into The City to meet with some airsoft buddies who are, like my new self, creative professionals. First order of business is to take a bunch of photos for Henry ( to view and give tips later on. Then it’s on to lunch with Tom ( to exchange airsoft ideas and footage. Wrapping that up takes me on the N Express train to Brooklyn so Henry can give me the down low on Adobe Bridge and Camera RAW. About 5pm will take me back to the train and your regularly scheduled programming.

I have with me my Pre, MSI Wind netbook, and Canon XSi camera. I have power cords, USB cables, and a deck of cards. I think my next post a bit later today will be from either Grand Central Station or Bryant Park using my netbook and the free Mobile HotSpot feature I get on my Pre from Verizon.

…and I’m off!


2 responses to “Digital Nomad

  1. Sounds fun! Can’t wait to see pictures. And so jealous of that cup of coffee!

    • Took a bit of post-production editing! Links and photo’s need to be uploaded in line, you can’t go back inbetween text to insert it…and that photo! Huge! It’s all better now. Enjoy school and Flickr a photo of class or something if you can!

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