All the customizing of our online signature is finally complete. Hopefully this blog experiment continues a little more consistently than our previous one. For the record, is officially just for her use again. If she continues to use it that is, otherwise, this venue is perfect for our general live happenings.

Just so you’re aware of how this whole website/blog will function, we’ll take you on a little tour.

The “His/Her Thoughts” section is a real-time feed from our Twitter accounts. Quick little snippets of the last things that made us go “hmm”…or something.

We are attempting to keep this blog photo intensive. If you are friends with us on Facebook, you’re probably not going to find any fresh images here. Although they may be more heavily photoshopped. On the right, you’ll notice our Flickr feed. A clever little feature with the prevalence of computer ninja phones in our culture is that Travis can automatically upload any pics taken with his Palm Pre Plus (shameless plug) to the Flickr account. For the moment, I do believe those photos are the latest four, rather than random four. Rebbeca might be able to do it from her Blackberry Curve too…we’ll have to experiment some.

If you want to find our thoughts rather than what you’re seeing on the main page, you have numerous options. You can use the search box just under our thoughts, to the right of that you can click a word in the Tag Cloud, at the bottom of the page you can see our Archive by month, or at the bottom right, you see the authors avatar pics. Clicking those will give you a list of their posts.

Any posts specific to either one of us, will be clearly posted by the corresponding author. Anything relevant to our family or situation, like announcements or generalities, will come under “The Barretts”. I expect it will be the two of us posting in our own voice…we’ll try to share the general posts load.

Most importantly, in the bottom corner is a SocialVibe widget. This is a little tool that raises support for causes with your time. As we all know, in advertising and media, time is money. Now that we can skip the ads with various browser features, Tivo, and Netflix, the media has to bribe us to pay attention to them. When you click on the badge in the corner, you’ll be subjected to some form of advertising, social media viral option, or product survey. n return, those advertising dollars are being diverted to the cause we have selected.

We had a few options we liked, To Write Love On Her Arms for instance, but we selected the Education badge because one organization included in that is Donors Choose which we have seen effectively at work right here in Newark Public Schools.

So if you wouldn’t mind, whenever you’re done ogling our images or subjecting your brain to our word vomit, make it worth while by spending a couple more seconds contemplating some other capitalist BS you don’t really need.


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